Brand Building and Identity Design

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April 17, 2016
5 Days
40 Hours



Royal Hotel, Amman, Jordan   View map


Sales and Marketing

About the Course

This course tackles all it takes so as the participant fully understand Brand and to enable him to build it by himself. The course is divided into five sections, starting by explaining the theory and going through the aspects and characteristics of Brand which is linked to the company’s vision and task, and the basics which should be included in any Brand and the practical application of building step by step and managing Brand to ensure its presence and how to register it to protects its rights.

The subjects of the course are designed with lots of examples in unusual methods to capture the trainees attentions, and explain the requested points in easy wonderful way with little effort. It is designed in logical synchronized and comprehensive way to enable the trainees to understand the whole topic and enable them to build, manage and protect the Brand.

  • Day one: Human needs, society identity and symbol and how it effects the behavior and ways of thinking.
  • Day two: characteristics and basics of Brand.
  • Day three: building and registration procedures
  • Day four: application on real examples.
  • Day five: Brand registration, managing and monitoring competent.


  • Identify the importance of Brand and how to build and transfer knowledge.
  • Create individuals who are able to build and manage Brand according to international standards.
  • Spread the Brand culture to be able to find local Brand to compete internationally.
  • Teach college student this knowledge to increase the employment chances and enhance the practical performance.

In this course the trainee will be able to:

  1. Understand the humantary needs and ways of thinking and how to employ these topics in building Brand.
  2. Identify the details and parts of Brand.
  3. Understand the specification and basics which Brand should include to success and live.
  4. Identify the procedures which should be executed to build Brand and the required documents to assessed this process.
  5. Learn about some practical examples of successful applications in this area.
  6. Understand the required procedures to register and protect Brand.
  7. The trainee will be able to participate in the process of building Brand, manage, develop and monitor competition.

Trade, businesses and institutional sections. The Brand knowledge is not excluded on Brand building and managing specialists  or marketing section.  Brand is applied by all employees in any institution, starting from the reception employee and ending with the chairman. Every member in the institution has a specific role he must execute to apply the Brand in synchronized comprehensive way between them and their audience.

On educational level: collage students, this knowledge improves their skills and increase their chance in the practical live and enable them to perform their tasks in unusual methods.

On personal level: Brand creates personal abilities which enable individuals to behave in ways which effect others and make it easy for them to express their ideas and thoughts in an easy direct way void of any negative effects.

The trainee gains a certificate issued and verified by Levenbert Academy – Dubai, a subsidiary of the Levenbert Administrative and Strategic Consulting Company.

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