Excellence in Customer Service Workshop

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July 13, 2016
2 Days
16 Hours


Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
President and Chairman | LEVENBERT Lead Expert


Dubai, UAE (Tentatively in Dusit Thani)   View map

About the Course

Customer Service Professionals are company’s “Brand Ambassadors”. They are the ones who drive sales by leaving an impact on the most important factor “The Customers”, the strong pillars on which every business thrives. With rise in competition, rises the expectation of customers and the need to focus on building an unbeatable customer service experience. Excellence in Customer Service Workshop has been designed keeping all the above challenges in mind. This program focuses on excellence in customer service which is a key to organizational success especially in this volatile market where the needs and demands of customers are constantly changing. It not only instills the right knowledge and attitude that a customer service professional would need to see in his/her team members but also brings forth a strong platform of learning for middle and senior level CS professionals who aim to strategize, develop leadership qualities, lead a strong team, develop state-of-art infrastructure and technology to boost company’s service levels, optimize on measurement systems and tools, how to integrate and operationalize service systems, combine the power of social media that has made customer service all the more demanding. The participants will also learn to handle crisis management by setting up escalation methods, ticket raising systems, etc amongst the team to deal with difficult customers, handle difficult situations with highest level of customer satisfaction maintaining the objective of providing a world-class service experience.
In all, this program teaches how to develop or transform the entire customer services to a world-class experience leaving an ever lasting impression on your customer, leading to brand loyalty and increased revenue for your organization.

It is a two day program which will empower the customer service professionals with the knowledge and latest tools to understand customer service at an advanced level, build relationships internally within the team and externally with the customers, solve problems, transform systems, bring changes and drive sales.

  • The philosophy of customer service and the value it adds to business growth and excellent service.
  • Comparison and analysis of customer service management system, its success vs international customer service standard
  • How to develop strategic thinking and service leadership
  • Team Management and people management skills
  • How to develop infrastructure and technology
  • How to utilize measurement systems and tools optimally.
  • Integrate and operationalize service systems
  • Combine the power of social media in Customer Service

Organizational Impact:


If your organization’s goal is to be world class in customer service provision, then it needs to have employees and management delivering world-class customer services experiences to all its customers. This course will enable you to see the benefits of providing these experiences to the customers and the benefits to you, your team, the customers and the organisation as a whole. This program helps transform the entire customer service experience by enhancing service standards of one’s organization, improve its brand image among your clients, build brand loyalty and ultimately leading to growth in revenue. The organization also benefits with improved internal and external communication tools within the team members and customers respectively, leaving a highly motivated customer-centric team catering to one’s loyal customers.


Personal Impact:


You will be appreciated for bringing in excellence in customer service and building a customer-centric team for the organization. You will learn the latest techniques, methods and tools to integrate a system that boasts world-class customer service. You will be a better leader and will communicate more effectively with your team to get your organization’s purposes of building a customer-centric organization to the successful front. You will be able to develop a team who will have the confidence to deal with difficult situations and customers professionally. You will learn techniques to motivate and empower yourself and your team to provide world-class experience to your customers. You will become more productive with improved leadership and management skills.


  • Frontline Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Supervisors
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Key Account / Account Managers
  • Inside or Outside Service Professionals

Participants will be certified as Excellence in Customer Service Professional upon completion.

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