Negotiator Skills

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2 Days
16 Hours


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About the Course

Comprehensive training program carefully targeting to develop participants problem solving and decision making skills.

This training program is designed to enhance and upgrade the negotiation skills of participants.

The program will focus on participants ability to negotiate effectively by transforming their poor negotiation skills into effective ones.

  • Plan your Negotiation
  • Negotiation Beginning Skills
  • Customer’s / Buyer’s Position Access Tools
  • Deal Approach Techniques
  • Adopting and Changing habits
  • Learn to plan your negotiation
  • How to begin your negotiation
  • How to access your customer / buyer’s position
  • How to approach a deal
  • Identify & shed poor negotiation habits

Any business professional whose job includes leadership, sales and marekting including comunicating with clients and customers will benefit from this practical and easy-to-grasp training

To qualify for your official Certificate from LEVENBERT ACADEMY you must study and attend all modules and score 70% or more in the course assessments.

On completion, trainees will get a certification of attendance.

To improve your basic negotiation knowledge and skills, through

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