Hard work, leadership for excellent customer service

JEDDAH — “The customers is always right” – it’s a saying that many companies say they believe in, but rarely implemented. Most companies in the Middle East and Gulf region do not always care about the quality of their customer service, even though they care about their clients. Ahmad Tahlak, the chairman and president of […]

Dubai to shine on the world stage at Expo 2020

DUBAI: Dubai’s chance to shine on the world stage! The Government is expected to spend $7 billion on infrastructure, a plan that is already in motion. Hotels and the Tourism Industry will benefit enormously from this spectacular event. It is projected as a boon to the already lucrative real estate market. Dubai forecasts 25 million […]

Protocol helps build business relationships

JEDDAH – Adopting international protocols can play a long way in building relationships between two parties, according to international protocol specialist Marie Betts-Johnson who directs the International Protocol Institute of California and carries more than 30 years of expertise in international relations. “Protocol helps you to build relationships,” she said in an interview with Saudi […]