Levenbert Academy presents high impact customized training programs after fully understanding a client’s needs and design a unique strategy to match requirements following a comprehensive training methodology process.

We believe that the result of any training or development intervention should show a significant return on Investment, whether it is increased performance, profitability or efficiency. Nothing should be left to chance. Your learning journey begins by knowing where do you want to go, why  do you want to get there, and what do you expect to achieve. Our role starts with discovering the answer to those questions, and then, finding out the “How to get there”.

We link theory directly to the corporate culture through incremental step-by-step interactive modules to ensure that delegates gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in their workplace. Our strategy towards corporate goal alignment can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Conduct Training Need Analysis
  • Design Training Program according to needs
  • Training & Program Execution
  • Monitor Performance with on job coaching
  • Post-training Evaluation and Reporting